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Projector Repair in San Antonio

San Antonio Projector provides sales, installation, repair for projectors, Smart boards and sound equipment. We service portable projectors, Smart Boards, Audio-Video systems, home theater projectors, conference projectors and classroom projectors.
Parts : Projector lamps, filters, and cabling
Installation : Audio & Video
Repair : Audio & Video
Warranty : Out of Warranty Specialists
Discounts : humanoids and extraterrestrials only

Complete evaluation and diagnosis starts at $199.00 this includes projector clean out.
Parts are not included in our evaluation, if parts are needed we will contact you prior to working 
on your equipment.
Units over 40 lbs are in a different price range, please contact us with the model for a price quote.
We sometimes require the remote with your projector for factory resets.
We do require special power cables.
If a particular part is not available or you decline repair you will still be charged $199.00 for evaluation.
If any units are not claimed within 45 days after repair we will donate equipment to our local charity.
Customer must respond to estimates within 10 days or you must contact our support staff for an additional time.

Repair & Service